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Having your own full time Buyer’s Agent representing you is not only a luxury - but a must - to ensure that you have proper representation throughout every step of the transaction. Buying a home requires a serendipitous set of circumstances to all fall into place. A perfect storm where preparation meets opportunity. The home buying process is both exciting but can be somewhat scary.


Christie works for you and only you as you are purchasing your home.  Her loyalty lies in negotiating the right price for you and structuring the transaction to your advantage.  Did you know that ONLY a buyer’s agent can offer counsel in the property search, keep your bargaining and financial position confidential, assist in writing the offer with your best interest in mind, provide exposure to both listed and unlisted properties, and prepare a comprehensive market analysis which could reveal if a home is over-priced?  If you don’t have a written signed buyer’s agency agreement, anything you tell another Realtor could be relayed back to the seller! 

It doesn’t cost you anything to have one of our agents working as a buyer’s agent for you.  Sellers pay a pre-negotiated real estate commission, whether you are represented or not.

Christie's philosophy is to put YOU first! People are more important than the transaction. She will never rush you to buy something or encourage you to like something that you don’t!


There are many factors to consider when preparing to buy a home. Take a moment to sit down and figure out what type of property you would like to live in. It’s helpful to know what features are a need or a “must” and what things are a “want.” If you are buying with someone, be sure to have that discussion together. Things to consider when making your list:

  • Do you need a Condo, Single Family, or Multi-family home?

  • Do you have a minimum number of bedrooms and baths needed?

  • Do you want a garage? Or do you need set parking spaces?

  • Do you want to live near a specific school?  Near your place of employment?

  • Do you want a yard, balcony, deck, space for pets?

  • Do you have a particular style of property that you like or dislike?


Many buyers feel overwhelmed by the financing aspect of the home buying process.  And while working with the right Real Estate Agent is essential, working with a qualified professional lender is just as important.

  • Do you have a down payment? If so, how much?

  • How is your credit?  A lender will pull your credit bureau to find out your credit score.

  • Ask your lender about different mortgage programs such as conventional fixed rate loans, adjustable rate mortgages and the FHA program.

  • Find out an estimate of closing costs and/or points

  • Find out the total estimated monthly payment that includes estimated taxes and insurance.

  • Get a pre-approval, not a pre-qualification

  • Let the lender know how much you feel comfortable paying each month

Christie will take your lists of “needs and wants” and identify several homes to show you that meet your criteria.  When you find the home of your dreams she will assist you in writing your offer, negotiating all counter offers and then finalizing the purchase agreement.  

Christie handles all the necessary paperwork, arranges for all inspections such as a home inspection, radon test, mold test, etc. and then works with the closing attorney and your lender to be sure everything is properly prepared and ready for the closing.  

She negotiates repair requests on your behalf and then attends the final walk through of the property with you to make sure your new home is ready to move in and no defects have been made to the property from the last time you went in.   

Also, if the seller agreed to remedy any issues that came up at the home inspection with a repair, Christie makes sure these issues were addressed.  The final step in your buying process is the closing. 

Closings typically take place at the closing attorney’s office.  At the closing you can expect the attorney to review all loan documentation and the settlement statement with you before asking for your signatures. 

Christie attends all closings with her clients to be sure there are no problems or issues left un-addressed.  You will receive your keys at closing unless prior arrangements between you and the seller have been made.

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